Our Mission

The mission of Floodlight Revolution is to enlighten and enliven dark hearts by shining into them the intense light of Truth. There is an urgent cry in present society…a cry of desperation. The coalition of Floodlight Revolution unites in purpose, message, and community to help build life as it was intended by its Creator. It is with love for the brothers and sisters of humanity that Floodlight Revolution aims to perform its duties, and assist others, in redeeming broken people and invite them into God’s family.

Floodlight Revolution shall:

  1. Serve as an openly evangelistic and discipleship driven ministry
  2. Provide services to help the Church of Jesus Christ to meet the needs of lost souls

Floodlight Revolution began as an avenue for St. Louis based musician James A. Miller to share how the Word of God has impacted him. That work grew a band, but the mission grew bigger and took on a life of it’s own.

Floodlight Revolution now stands as a budding coalition of creatives and redeemed people united by a mission. The coalition is actively seeking other like-minded creatives, pray-ers, and followers of Jesus Christ.

The original Floodlight Revolution band released the “Prelude to a Revolution, E.P. 1” on July 4th, 2014. Founding member and musician, James A. Miller’s official website is http://www.jamesamillermusic.com/, and Facebook page is http://facebook.com/jamesamillermusic.


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Shining intense light into dark hearts.

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