Join the Revolution

Join the revolution…

  • if you believe there are absolute Truths given to us by our Creator
  • if you believe that all people need to know those Truths
  • if you believe those Truths need to be expressed with creativity and love
  • if you believe that art, in all it’s forms, can change hearts, and change the world
  • if you would like to be a part of something bigger than yourself

Floodlight Revolution is a coalition purposed to share the often-mischaracterized good news of Jesus Christ to those that are drowning in the confusion, pain, and suffering of this damaged world. Humanity frequently turns its back upon absolute truth, to our own detriment.

If you would like to engage your God-given skill set in sharing a bright hope to a dark world, by making disciples of Jesus Christ, please consider joining the Floodlight Revolution! Please contact us via one of below methods.


-James A. Miller


Shining intense light into dark hearts.

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