FR Artists

Floodlight Revolution is a growing coalition who want to see the lives of others radically transformed by Jesus Christ. Each person brings a different skill set to meet the mission.

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James A. Miller

James A. Miller – Floodlight Revolution founder, redeemed artist: DJ/singer-songwriter, and Bible preacher. James performs a variety of services sacred and secular. He was the primary songwriter behind the original Floodlight Revolution band. Today he continues to engage people with the Word of God, assists the church in becoming more effective, and many aspects of audio/video production.

Taffy Darby – Worship Leader/vocalist – Coming soon…taffy-quick-profile

Zipporah Kariuki – Journalist, Kenya – Coming zippy-quick-profilesoon…

Prodigal Mile – A recently revived band from the 90’s/00’s. Original Alt-Rock/Jam band mixed with modern Praise & Worship/CCM.

Prodigal Mile
Prodigal Mile

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