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Floodlight Revolution is a growing coalition who want to see the lives of others radically transformed by Jesus Christ. Each person brings a different skill set to meet the mission.

Travis Lee Band

Travis Lee Band
Travis Lee Band

Travis Lee Band are more than musicians or touring artists. They’re on mission to bring Jesus to every unreached people group in the United States. Their hearts compelled to action, they are on a mission to take the life-changing power of Jesus to every street corner, stage and shadow they can. They’ve stepped aside from normal life to hit the road with their four young children, in a Saturn Outlook, with an A-frame camper because time is short. Jesus is coming back, and they are living purposefully as the light He has called us to be.

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James A. Miller

James A. Miller – Floodlight Revolution founder, is a redeemed artist performing as a DJ/singer-songwriter. You’ll find him in a variety of performance situations; sometimes as a looping artist/one-man-band, and other times leading a full band. He was the core songwriter behind the original Floodlight Revolution band. Today he continues to engage people with the Word of God as a performer, and assisting the church in becoming more effective.

Prodigal Mile – An occasionally active band from the 90’s/00’s. Original Alt-Rock/Jam band mixed with modern Praise & Worship/CCM.

Prodigal Mile
Prodigal Mile

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