From Band to Coalition

Floodlight Revolution is undergoing a transition, which you’re probably aware of if you’ve been following founder, James A. Miller. In 2011, Floodlight Revolution began as an outlet for Miller’s desire to engage the world with the timeless truth of God’s Word, the Bible. It became a band, which recorded one short project. A few performances followed for the band, but more than anything, James’ performance calendar dates skyrocketed.

So here it is 2015, and the band hasn’t played a lot of shows, but James has done a whole lot revolving around the mission of Floodlight Revolution – “Shining intense light into dark hearts.” Most of the band members and founders are still involved in the mission of Floodlight Revolution, yet they each have their own projects. So, here’s the next evolutionary step of Floodlight Revolution.

Floodlight Revolution is transitioning to a ministry group intent of using their creative ability to engage a lost world with much needed truth. James A. Miller is the first official solo artist of the coalition. His official website can be found below. Other artists are in talks with management about becoming Floodlight Revolution artists. Ultimately, the hope is that the artists can be stronger together, while maintaining their individuality.

Other hopes for 2015 are to begin producing individual recording projects and performances for each artist, with the possibility of adding a record label under the Floodlight Revolution moniker. Stay tuned for further developments.


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