Going Solo

Going Solo

Alrighty, here’s what’s up y’all. If you’ve been following my creative journey for a while, you know I’ve been an instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter for several groups, doing original and cover music. For years I did that under the pseudonym Jay Arthur, until I killed off that character.

In 2011 I formed the band Floodlight Revolution to challenge listeners to seek Truth. As a band, it didn’t play a lot, but released an E.P. on Independence Day, 2014. Each musician had their own thing going on, but meanwhile my solo calendar has been full. I’ve always being a “band guy”, so this is a change of gears. So here’s what’s going to happen.

I’m going solo! (Or is that rogue?) Floodlight Revolution will continue to exist as a ministry organization and independent record label for Gospel-minded creatives, recording and producing projects, etc. While Floodlight Revolution won’t necessarily be a band anymore, I’m continually performing or producing in some capacity. I will continue to honor my Lord with the music I create and perform, along with my various other services. My goal is to lead others to lives of real worship.

So, there you have it. James A. Miller, solo artist. I’m performing originals, covers, CCM, & worship music. I’m DJ’ing, preaching, serving as a worship leader, and guest musician. I hope to release my first full length solo album in 2015. My release with FR is still available too. Presently I provide vocal, instrumental, and audio technical support to various St. Louis area churches.

Please follow my official Facebook page at http://facebook.com/jamesamillermusic, or visit my official website at http://jamesamillermusic.com/.



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