This Is a Call

If you’ve been a follower of Floodlight Revolution’s James “J” Miller & his musical adventures, you know where his heart is. It’s about getting the Word of Life into the hearts and minds of people. Likewise, this is the purpose of the musical entity known as Floodlight Revolution. Here’s the thing though. “Floodlight Revolution” isn’t meant to be the name of just another band. It is meant to represent a commonality of purpose in the hearts of the fans.

J says this: “I want like-minded people to work together, engaging their brothers and sisters of humanity with Truth and Love. Sure we’ll play a traditional venue, because we always want to glorify God with this gift He’s given us, called music. What I really want though is to go wherever we can to use that art, the creativity, and passion of God’s people, to reach out to those who don’t know the God that created the universe has a fulfilling script written for their lives.”

How can J and his band become part of the Floodlight Revolution that you are shining upon your perishing brothers and sisters? What event can we help you with? We have an hour and a half performance ready on short notice, a small PA system, the ability to perform in a living room, or the ability to lead worship for church related events. If the latter, we have hours of songs already prepared, ready to be sung along with. Club show, back yard party, block party, bonfire, Disciple Now, church retreat… Contact us below, and together let us be the Floodlight Revolution!


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