A New Strategy: Join the Revolution!

Good morning revolutionaries. It is with great joy that I announce to you another forward step in the evolution of Floodlight Revolution. A few months ago I presented to my fellow core musicians, Steve and Dan, that I really have a vision of Floodlight Revolution being more than a band, but instead a voice for like-minded people. I want us to be an audible and visible portion of a group of people committed to living our their lives with God, among people. For a variety of reasons, the typical American idea of a “band” is of a group of people that are united by their desire to play music together. In our case, that would be sort of a Three Musketeers approach…but that’s more of an “us and them” view than I felt comfortable with.

Here’s why. For any band to be successful, it takes LOTS of people other than just the musicians to make it work. Floodlight Revolution isn’t just about the music though. It’s about the heart behind the music – a desire to see people learn what life is meant to be when they encounter a fundamental change through God’s Word to us. It is for that reason the core team of Floodlight Revolution has made a decision to open things up a bit more. We want you to be involved in the workings of an actual team that is determined to deliver the heart of our mission in a personal way.

With the adoption of this new strategy last week, Floodlight Revolution is no longer just a band, but a ministry fronted by a band. We have a number of practical changes in the works that will help us to realize this goal. If you would like to participate, or feel you have a talent or skill to offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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