New Video: Travis Lee Band – “My Hero”

Floodlight Revolution artists, Travis Lee Band released a new video for their song “My Hero” today. Check it out!

May the Lord use this video in a great way, as Jesus is our Hero that has come to save us and give us new life.


Travis Lee Band – Log Cabin Kickoff CD Release Party

Floodlight Revolution artists, Travis Lee Band, is set to kick off their new national tour, and celebrate releasing the latest album, “Weapons of Our Warfare”, this coming Saturday evening.

We’re proud of you, Travis Lee Band. Keep up the good work of lifting our Savior’s name.

Prodigal Mile – Worship Reunion

Floodlight Revolution is pleased to present a “Worship Reunion”

Prodigal Mile
Prodigal Mile

by Prodigal Mile, on Saturday, February 18th, 2017, 6pm @ Heritage Classical Christian School.

The band will reunite at this event for an evening of worship and prayer. It’s been 13 years since the group has performed together. The original lineup, minus drummer Tom Schneller, will be on stage this special evening. (Former lead guitarist Mike Siebe has moved over to drums.) Additionally new member, Kip Hunter will be contributing keys/vocals.

Prodigal Mile is:

  • Tim Siebe: Vocals/guitar
  • Jen Berberich: Vocals
  • Mike Siebe: Drums/guitar
  • James A. Miller: Bass/vocals
  • Kip Hunter: Keys/vocals

On Post-Inauguration Liberal Violence

Recently I shared a video on social media showing violent acts by those protesting the inauguration of Donald Trump. I happened to be busy, and didn’t really pay attention to the thread that exploded over the next couple of days. At that point, I felt it right to make a response. This is a synopsis of what I want to convey to all of my friends across the political spectrum.

I stated that the ideology of Liberalism brings violence – and I mean that, if it is followed to it’s potential from the presently observed form by those that espouse it’s representative political party in the United States of America. Meanwhile, I believe we each adopt some areas of classical Liberalism in this nation. The problem is that Liberalism followed to it’s nth degree is inherently godless, denies natural law, and brings destruction by throwing off all boundaries, rather than freedom. Certainly I mean no injury or insult toward anyone. I made the original post because of the appalling actions of a few, demonstrating my point. Some didn’t understand my aim, instead taking personal insult, so I thought it better to state my intention.

Here’s the reality of the situation that drives me as I try to navigate the multi-faceted political spectrum. I know I have friends and family on all sides of this thing. I don’t love any of you any less, regardless of where you may be. I also know this:

If we believe there are human and political solutions that will truly fix humanity’s brokenness, we show the love of the Father is not in us. (1 John 2:15-16) Those same misguided passions give rise to violence, & further complicate the broken human condition. That means Republicans can’t fix it either. We are, after all, sinful people, trying to rule ourselves, with varying degrees of effectiveness, as a stop-gap measure until we submit ourselves in repentance toward Jesus Christ. It is only when we follow Christ than we have the power individually to resist the sin that pervades us all. In our natural state we are perhaps not fully corrupt, but all aspects of our being are corrupted. This is sin…the human condition. In that state we seek after and love the desires of the flesh, the things we see, and exercise wrongful pride in what we have. None of that comes from God.

Politics can never be a replacement for the rule of Almighty God. He has allowed this for a time, even manipulating the rise and fall of nations, and those in power, so that all may have an opportunity to come to Him in repentance. (Acts 17:24-34)

If you would like to see further context what God has to say on this matter, read the book of Acts, chapter 17, and perhaps the surrounding context.

Thank you. I wish peace to you all – specifically the deep peace that you will only ever know by coming to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Shining intense light into dark hearts.